Bots. Touchy subject,but...

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Re: Bots. Touchy subject,but...

Post by bbr on Sat Jun 22, 2013 3:54 pm

perndog wrote:If they cared they would announce the ban hammer is coming down.  World of warcraft announces that the ban hammer is coming and lists the people it bans even into the thousands.  I know they are doing it right because the players I see farming everything disappear and it takes weeks for them to come back up since it takes so long to level even someone with a bot running 24/7.

You must not have been playing the same World of Warcraft I've been playing.
Bots have been around there since day 1, and are still active as teleporting, corpse hopping, underground mining, auto targetting hunters and more scum like that.

Sure you hear about "ban waves", but on overall, bots get to do their thing for weeks if not months. Only to be replaced by other, faster, better bots. Blizzard isn't doing it "right" by any means that most players can testify or care to say.

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Re: Bots. Touchy subject,but...

Post by perndog on Mon Jun 24, 2013 10:12 pm

bbr.  I made gold on wow as a way of having fun making millions and I turned them in most times on my own but it worked at least from what I saw.  When you fly through the ground your toast!  But i haven't played in a couple years so things might of gotten worse.  I have to say I kept on it pretty well when i farmed mats for money making stuff and the people i turned in a couple times were gone within the week but it could be that i turned them in so much.

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