Skill Add/Change Question, please.

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Skill Add/Change Question, please.

Post by CTW on Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:25 pm

I know most of you guys are experts so please forgive the novice questions as I'm fairly new to the game, but am completely addicted to it! I've looked for straightforward answers to my questions and reviewed all the guides I can find...but most are pretty confusing as a ton of acronyms are used in responses.


If I have an AA+ max lvl 150 monster with NO do I add a skill to it? I read where I need a particular type of soul card, but not sure what type.

If I find this soul card is it guaranteed to add a skill to my monster...and what skill lvl will it start out? I presume skill lvl (1).

Last but not least... If I have a monster and I want to change it's skill type to another skill type how do I accomplish this? Please let me know if there's a specific card needed and its name.

Thanks for helping a DS newbie here!


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Re: Skill Add/Change Question, please.

Post by Xcalibre on Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:42 pm

Hi and welcome to DS. The answer to your first question and your last question is the same. You need a skill spirit. They have various names but basically they convey their skill to the monster that you sacrifice it to. Example: You get a Random skill spirit (going for 60 to 75 eps) and you sacrifice it to your AA+ and it now has a level 1 skill that is randomly chosen.

Now there are specific skill spirits, e.g. Upper defense spirit for Increase party defense, Lower defense spirit for Decrease enemy defense. Check the DS wiki or bestiary for a complete list of skill spirits.

You may see a few spirits out there will skills that do not match the name of the spirit. For a very short window, you could sacrifice a random skill spirit to another skill spirit and get a new skill. Then you could sacrifice the resulting hybrid skill spirit to your monster and give the new skill to you monster.

Hope that helps!

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Re: Skill Add/Change Question, please.

Post by The Skill on Mon Apr 29, 2013 3:38 pm

Well, think carefully before to give a skill to a monster that don't deserve it. If you're monster don't have a skill, then it means he's weak and low bp. So save your ep for replace it instead of give him a skill.

The Skill

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Re: Skill Add/Change Question, please.

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