A-team was supposed to improve the auctionhouse and clans

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A-team was supposed to improve the auctionhouse and clans

Post by MalloyLawrence on Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:25 pm

Remember when they took their survey and anyone who has been playing for over 6 months knows how tedious the auctionhouse is. I see they tried to diversify it but this did nothing other than prevent gold trading which the games economy was dependant upon during events that give little in the way of gold. I would like to see a googlesk search engine similar to the one used in blizzard's world of wc game. Where you simply type in what you are looking for and all similar items are immediately at your fingers.

Also clan's where supposed to be further improved, there is no incentive to gain honor other than for personal claim to fame, however for any new players catching those who have over a year of battling under their belt is a impossiblitlity unless they spend a fortune or everyone above them quits, or they cheat in some way. I believe that clan's need to be more oriented as co-op. for instance u can sell your random extra raid boss items to gain clan gold but why not make them tradeable in clan only. there are some pieces that just never seem to spawn for one person while another gets them more than they see the kobold's Smile Also it is hard to get people to donate to the clan when we are constantly evolving and leveling skills n otherwise. I find that most clans help out the new players by showering them with gifts of items they don't no longer need like lower bp A's and skills etc. why not instead of gifting these have it so we can gift them to the clan "MonsterBank" which would be similar to the auction except only clan accessable and any and all items you would normally sell to get gold could be sold or gifted into the clan bank where if new players where looking for particular items they could use search engine to see if clan has it available and be able to use their gold to purchase it from the clan bank via a donation determined by the value of that card which would be set by clan general.


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Re: A-team was supposed to improve the auctionhouse and clans

Post by slogdawg on Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:46 am

Best way to gain clan gold under current conditiions is to hold a 'Clan Event'.
We had one last month and got more than enough to max out all clan skills and then some. The officers and higher ranked members donated monsters for prizes. Winners were determined by simple formula that made it equal to all members, no matter their current level. We were also able to use the event info to weed out members who were no longer active.

Look under the "CLANS" header for 'Psychosis Clan Event'. We learned a lot from the last one and plan on holding a new one soon.

Would have bet that A-Team would have done the clan upgrades by now. Surprised that they haven't done it yet. But, maybe the delay means they are making it really good.


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