anyone kind enough for quick bp:ep 1:1 exchange?

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anyone kind enough for quick bp:ep 1:1 exchange?

Post by Miggy on Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:58 am

so i burn around 70ish saved up my ep 100 yesterday to get a random spirit and sell before prices dropped.... apparently other thought the same because throughout whole day too many people were trying to sell their RSS lowering the price of them, so i eventually sold it for 20ep 80bp (he told me 100 ep>< ) thinking i wouldn't have to much trouble exchanging the bp.... well i was wrong.

if anyone is currently just stock piling ep (in other words you don't need it for this event); you think you could be kind enough to exchange my 77 bp for 77ep?


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Remember guys it's just a game Razz peeps need to stop with the greed ^^


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