Looking for active members to join clan

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Looking for active members to join clan

Post by Pmustangpat on Sat Apr 13, 2013 5:52 am

Just as title states I'm looking for active members to join clan. Currently I am the only person in my clan I have about 70 million invested in clan and about 14k honor points. Looking for people to join that are active and have or be working on good form. Not looking to be a half rank clan but be one of the better clans in the game therefore I don't just mass recruit. I lead by example and already set the bar high on donations and honor donations but by no means expect everyone to do what I do but do what they can. We are all here to have fun. Tired of your half rate clan message me.
Ds clan name Forgotten Warriors
Ds clan Id 80090225
Kik Pmustangpat

Thanks for taking time and consideration in reading my post and considering look forward to hearing from you.


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