Sin Brute AA+ Form Questions

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Sin Brute AA+ Form Questions

Post by alysael on Mon Apr 08, 2013 3:53 am

Hey guys! I was wondering, what do you guys think is the best Sin Brute AA+ Form?
I've already got Liz, Tengen and Vlad. So Crit, Dodge and DED.
And I'm curious about your thoughts on the other two.

I think Jill would be good for one slot? Because she has DEA which I don't have yet. But the other two, should I get IPA/IPD/Health Up? I was considering either Luka/Signa with skill changes for IPA/IPD or Ritual Elf for Health Up :/
Which do you guys think would be a stronger combination? Or am I completely off track with my AA+ Sin Brute Form? Any suggestions would be welcome ;v;!

Many thanks in advanced.

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