Help with an auction

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Help with an auction

Post by Tacita on Sun Mar 31, 2013 6:22 pm

I´m auctioning a Sin Demon team, they are as follows:

Hundred Flame Demon +m (6)
Cannonfire Demon +m (14)
Flame Kagutsuchi +m (13)
Hellfield Devil Asura +m (20)
Child of Pit +m ( 9 )

I would like to know what the value is in EP, and if possible what the worth of the offers I have recieved so far is.

The first offer is:

Odin, Courage Preacher +m (3)
Awakened Beastia +m (5)
Jade Flash, Garb +m (4)
Poison Hand Mutant +m (4)
Evolution Soul

The second offer is:

Great Evolution Soul
Death Call Covenant +m (4)
Released Fenrisulfr +m (1)
Sky Dragon +1 (1)
Witch of Snakes +2 (2)

Thanks in advance ^^

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