Q&A: New player questions about Skill Ups + Anima Summon Cards

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Q&A: New player questions about Skill Ups + Anima Summon Cards

Post by cashal on Sun Mar 24, 2013 3:04 pm

Howdy all,

Been playing about two weeks now and I just learned about skill ups on cards by continuing to combine two cards after they reached the + status (Oiii, wish I would have known) )

I've run into some confusion about the cards that I wondered if someone could verify.

Example: I have a Magna Ice Queen + (Increases Dodge Rate 1) . . . I also have a Magna Ice Queen (No skills). I want to Sacrafice the Magna Ice Queen to the MAgna Ice Queen + to skill up.

I hesitated because I wasn't sure this would work, does the card I'm sacraficing need to have the Dodge Rate 1?

2) Sometimes skill ups have not worked for me. I notice when I had a level 97 AA+, and a sacraficed the same card (AA) to it, the XP meter did not reach a new level. So I'm thinking that a "Skill up" will only work if the card actually gains a level during the process??

3) Dark Anima Cards: I have a Evolution Party Defense Card. What exactly can these do? Can they add skills to a card that has none? Can they skill level up any card with party defense? I just don't want to waste it due to understanding.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Q&A: New player questions about Skill Ups + Anima Summon Cards

Post by theimprisoned on Sun Mar 24, 2013 3:15 pm

1.The monster must have the same skill to Level it up so lets say you have a monster with Impulse Down you need another monster with the same skill to level it up or you can also use a soul called Soul of Skills/+ they level up a monsters skill level without fail

2.No it doesn't need to gain a level to skill up and you also don't need to sacrifice the same monster to it. The skill up probably failed because you used a (1) to level up skills higher then (4) you must sacrifice a monster with the same skill with a skill level of (4) you can use B or A monsters to raise skills. A stack is when you get a monster you'll sacrifice to skil lv (4) or (5) using those you have a better chance in raising the skill level.

3. I'm not really sure what a "Dard Anima Card" is. I am guessing though you mean a Skill spirit because you said you have "a Evolution Party Defense Card". If I am correct then yes using that on a Monster with no skill or a skill you don't want like Crit up, will give that monster the skill of the spirit you're sacrificing it to.

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Re: Q&A: New player questions about Skill Ups + Anima Summon Cards

Post by jimothy_ on Sun Mar 24, 2013 4:30 pm

Just clarifying a couple things from above:

To increase a skill, you must sacrifice only one monster, and it must have the same skill.

Skill increases are not guaranteed. The higher the skill you are trying to level up, the less likely you will succeed. The higher the skill being sacrificed, the more likely it will succeed.

Based on trial and error, most people have found that leveling skills above (4) works best when sacrificing skill "stacks" of (4), because sacrificing a skill (4) monster gives a good chance of success all the way to max skill (20). This is not a hard rule, just what most people have had success with.

Soul of Skills is a special case. When you sacrifice a SoS to any monster with a skill, it will always succeed at increasing a skill by 1 level (2 if you sacrifice SoS+).

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Re: Q&A: New player questions about Skill Ups + Anima Summon Cards

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