Is this a fair trade?

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Is this a fair trade?

Post by Noc3 on Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:13 pm

Well, with all the free dark summons I got a bunch of interesting psycho creations, so I planned on doing a creation team and later on sell it when maxed.

however to be able to make this psycho creation + team I had to do some trades, I had some other trades but canceled them without knowing they would had monsters I would need more at this moment (didn't wanted to held their offers)

so Im stuck at this moment trading:

Tide demon +
unholy vice demon
uncouth child+
Dream breaker priest
Naga general

and Im being offered:

White brawn golem+ m
scaled chimera + m
lightning core +m
scaled chimera reg
Seeker quadriga reg

and these are all the creations I've got stocked up. (note I tought this was a fair offer until I got my 2nd seeker, so now Im hesitating even when 3 maxed monsters is very good IMO but having 2 extra chimeras and an extra seeker is a bit awkward to me Razz)

Time void golem +
seeker quadriga x2
unbound colossus
ancient huge statue
scaled chimera
rampage gargoyle

in other words my perfect trade would involve something that allows me to + colossus, chimera, statue and gargoyle but I feel like this is a good chance to get 3 of the dudes maxed and avoid some leveling hassle.

what do you guys think? is this a fair trade?

Cheers! thanks in advance.

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Re: Is this a fair trade?

Post by faithnomorex on Wed Mar 20, 2013 1:39 am

Assuming you are a lower level player building your first 4 combo A+ team, I would suggest taking it. It would give you enough monsters to make the following A+ team:

White brawn golem
scaled chimera
lightning core
time void golem
seeker quadriga

97 BP
IPA, DEA, Agility, Pre, Creation Down

Certainly not a horrible starting team. If you can get some Agility levels on the seeker, you would handle most opponents. You could always then work from there, and replace members as needed later on.


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Re: Is this a fair trade?

Post by Noc3 on Wed Mar 20, 2013 6:42 pm

this will actually be a team I plan on leveling to sell later on, I've got a nice sin demon team already and almost completed my sin AA+ mixed team, the reason why I asked for advice is because I don't know much about covert nor psycho monsters.

but yeah I ended up accepting the trade, thanks for the advice Smile

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Re: Is this a fair trade?

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