The Creators of Ruin will rise to the top...

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The Creators of Ruin will rise to the top...

Post by Icarus on Tue Mar 05, 2013 5:19 pm

...once we get more members.

Hi. Let me introduce myself. My name in-game is Icarusblade. I am the general of the clan Creators of Ruin. I aim to be the number one clan all over but i need your help.

we currently have 2 members including myself. once we get a good amount of members, i will start hosting clan only events that will have prizes of cards, ep/bp/other useful items, placement as lieutenent, and more. but i cant do anything without others joining.

our ID: 92898950
My ID: 2362967050

so far i have invested almost 1.5 million by myself. i have upgraded our hp facility.

Further Notices will be posted here

Message me in-game or pm me here for faster response. Have Fun



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