Price Check Plz wanna sell them

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Price Check Plz wanna sell them

Post by mensajeroxd12 on Sat Feb 23, 2013 6:07 pm

Hello i don't rly know where to put this thread so here we go i would like to know the prices for all this monster planing to make a wall sale so i wanna be sure what price they go for.
Going to eliminate them as soon as i know the price so this does not get confused.

Impulse: A,A+.

Festering Aigipan
Forseken Fiend
Skeleton minotaur
Spear Hunter Ardeyuna
Jiangshi Fighter
Hell Fire Devil Asura
Blood Blob
Bloodfest Demon
Child of pit
Wretched Black wing
Flame Terasque
Scrap meat Zombie
Astaroth The Accuser
Dark Elf Berseker
Brain Sip
Magic light Dragon
Scorn Black Wings
Nether world Dragon
Ring Dragon
Hell Fire Talos
Fire core
Red Brawn Golem
Deep Drak Demon
Mirrow of Shadows
Hideous Meat Fiend
Crimson lion Guardian
Lord of Gluttony
Balrog Of Rage
Blood Flame Colossus
Giant Hell Chameleon
Flaming Dead Wheels
Wretched Black wing+
Aya Dragon+
Hell Fire Devil Asura+
Cruel Black Wings+
Blazing Dragonoid+

Impulse AA/+
Lotus Spirit doll
Red Flash Solurna+
Aura Fist Gulph+

Convert A,A+

ash knight+
Bayard The Steel Horse+
Terra Ogame+
Uncouth Child
Dream Breaker Priest
Grieving Mandrake
Metal Chimera
Refined Horned Fighter
Druj Nasu
Sky Dragon
Plague Dragon
Lighting Bug
Naga General
Demon Bait Insect
Whitch Of snakes
Elite DragonBorn
Ravage Claws
Hell scythe Mantis
Silver back Warrior
Wind Core
Tide Demon
Berseker Mite
Flesh Triffid
Quicksand worn
Jade Rhinoceros Beetle
Crimson beetle knight
Parasitic Centipede
Metal Shell seeker
Unholy Vice Demon

Convert AA
Druantia the eternal
Hellish Hazling

Psycho A,A+

Fex The severer+
Current Demon+
Charon Of Hatred
Vicisstitude Colossus+
Lighting Core+
Grin Cloak Inos+
White whinged elite
Demonsteel Mushi
shock tarasque
Blood Bush Vanessa
lighting core
Current Demon
white whinged oracle
Sturdy white wing
Charon of hatred
Ancient Huge Statue
Hover Striker
Hell's Armored Train
Elf Comander
Deceit Witch
Time void Golem
Grand Demon Warrior
Hell Ice Dragon
White Wing Sky pirate
Stream Rusalka
Shocking colossus
Spear knight Gillman
Grand Color bird
Shields of Steel
White winged Colossus
knight Of valor
White Brawn Golem
Heretic cannon Mushi

Phycho AA
Harrier Mushi
Formless Nyar

Shields of steel+M(1)
Slave Dance Sorceress+M(1)


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Re: Price Check Plz wanna sell them

Post by JessicaMD on Sat Feb 23, 2013 6:10 pm

mensajeroxd12 wrote:Hello i don't rly know where to put this thread so

oooooh you found the new topic button, you were SO close!


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