Simple question of level and making the most of it.

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Simple question of level and making the most of it.

Post by LowPro on Sat Feb 16, 2013 5:44 pm

This also is a question that probably has no wrong answer. Right now I'm level 82 and pretty much keep my BP at around 280 so I can get in two attacks before regen and the rest are going in energy points (The assumption is that Battle Points regen pretty well and at lower levels you're better off dipping more into EP and then resetting later) but I'm curious as to whether I really should just deal with the grind till about level 150 or so and then try to compete in events. My energy is about 312 I think which means an EP regens that much but there are players who have 700+ energy so there is no way I can catch up to them in ranking, right? And the ranks 100-1000 rewards are usually some crappy item that doesn't really consolate for using EP. So here I am still in a weird situation; it seems that at lower levels you're better off ALWAYS hoarding ep and not doing much for event participation (the monster "growing" events I think are easily done w/o ep at least this time) and once you ghet to level 200ish then you can really bust your ass for it.

Oh this is another weird question. I'm rancor so do I benefit from using a Covert formation or can I still use say a Psycho formation and do fine? Like right now I have my Covert Beast form but I'm thinking of snagging up a low BP sinm AA formation with Adan+ because my beast uses 142 BP at 60k+ attack and if I can get the same attack out of a lower BP formation I can get more attacks in etc I think Covert doesn't quite have the power that Sin/Psycho do as far as Health just being kinda a dinky stat (maybe not so much for AA+ formations since they're so damned health heavy already)


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Re: Simple question of level and making the most of it.

Post by Vallette on Sat Feb 16, 2013 6:09 pm

The lower your level the more often you'll have to use EP to keep up. That said, if you're really low level (sub-20) you level up so quickly that it balances out. The only guys who end up ranking use a lot of EP for each event, no matter what level they are.

For formation, you do get a bonus by using the same color. That said, though, if you have the choice of a purple/red team with 10k more attack, it's probably more beneficial than keeping a lower attack rancor team. Smile

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