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Post by larry378 on Fri Feb 01, 2013 12:59 pm

Who all would be interested in a wikia for the dark summoner game information we have aggregated on this forum?

I'm mainly asking for a headcount of potential collaborators rather than folks who would simply be interested in having that as a resource.

The fact of the matter is that the QA (and the questions posted in the wrong sections) are 90% answerable if someone bothered to do a search; but alas no. we get the same queries again and again.

The truth is that threads 'sink' over time. We can't sticky every single one either because
A. the vast majority of us cannot sticky threads at all
B. too many stickied threads is clutter

hosting is free and easy, and we already have a rather large collection of content.

SAMPLE candidates for being placed on the wikia

Demoni wrote:
So far I have fought the lord of void 1282 times of those fights I have received these rewards

B Rank Summon82859%
Raid Boss1219%


I believe that if I continue the data collection the above percentages will even out to be 60% 30% 10% respectively.

Here is the data on what skills were obtained through the above Summons.

Total skills34040%

I believe that the 40% drop is accurate however there is not enough date points on each individual skills drop rate.

last piece of the puzzle is tracking the probability receiving on of
the Rainbow Fungus when doing an lvl 3 or lvl 4 mission.

Missions done 40971
Fungus dropped 8167 20%
General Osf wrote:
Rank Honor
New Members 0 - 9,999 honor
Regular Members 10,000 - 19,999 honor
Elite Members 20,000 - 29,999 honor
Garnet 30,000 - 49,999 honor
Amethyst 50,000 - 69,999 honor
Bloodstone 70,000 - 99,999 honor
Quartz 100,000 - 149,999 honor
Jade 150,000 - 199,999 honor
Moonstone 200,000 - 299,999 honor
Carnelian 300,000 - ? honor

peridot etc... to be added
larry378 wrote:

general lingo

means the monster is an evolved version (a '+' as opposed to a reg), level 'n' (if 'n' is not a number but the letter 'm' the monster is maximum level) and has skill level 'x'

reg = unevolved version; used to denote A and AA monsters as opposed to their A+ and AA+ counterparts. not used for C and Bs, because they don't evolve

monster+nABC(x) = same as the above, however ABC is a skill notation, which generally implies that this monster has been skill-changed. i.e. MLD+mDEA(20) is a magic light dragon+ level 70 with decrease enemy attack (20), wheras the standard magic light dragon has increase party defense

item abbreviations

ep = energy potion
bp = battle point potion
ml+ = mlp = monster limit +
elixer = elixer (not much to say here)
trap = dark trap, ice crystal, ice decimator, etc... the thing used in the current event to catch things from the weak/strong/epic whatever is a 'trap'
raids = raid crystals

Skill abbreviations

IPA - increase party attack
IPD - increase party defense
DEA - decrease enemy attack
DED - decrease enemy defense
AGI - agility
CL - celestial lightning
HB - hell blaze
AT - arctic tempest
VB - venom breath
pre - preemptive strike
SB - slumbering breath

the rest of the skills aren't really abbreviated


bp = battle points reservoir, battle point value of formation
e.g. I have a 96bp team, and 210 bp total, with 3 bp, I can make 6 attacks

hp = honor points, health facility in clan, health points of a formation
e.g. my clan has 140k hp, lv 7 hp, and my form has 56khp

trade lingo
x/y means buying x amount of item for y ep

e.g. buying bp 3/2 means I am buying battle potions at a rate of 3 battle potions for 2ep
agi stax 1:3, 5:17, means I am buying agility(4) at 3ep per individual,
or 17ep if you sell me 5 at once (buyers will often offer incentive for
bulk, sellers will often offer incentive for bulk)
e.g. selling
raids 15:1. 100:5 means that I am selling 15 raid crystals for 1 ep, buy
if you buy 100, I will sell at a rate of 20 for 1

some other trade ling
lf = looking for
wtb = want to buy
wts = want to sell
wtt = want to trade (a.k.a. I have no ep, and want to trade monsters for what I am looking for)
= or best offer (selling balrog 15ep obo, so I want 15ep, or if you
don't have ep, or there are multiple people interested the one who makes
the offer I like the most gets it)
nfs= not for sale (common
response when you try to buy something from someone's formation; e.g.
Player 1: what for daji? Player 2: nfs)
fnft = formation not for
trade; mainly used as a blanket statement to avoid having to nfs 5
times, often included in player message
ep or overpay = exactly what
it sounds like. if you do not have asking price, give me more than
asking price in goods. (essentially payment for inconvenience) i.e. wts
balrog 15 or overpay; I'll take 15ep or much more than 15ep worth of
things I can eventually resell

Armitaage wrote:Hey there everybody. This thread is an attempt to
collect all the information available on these forums regarding viable
formations. Full credit goes to the community and the individual players
who have tried and tested the various formations, and given us feedback
on what works, what doesn't, and why.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction - This post
  2. Sin(Impulse) Rank A/+ formations
  3. Tyranny(Psycho) Rank A/+ formations
  4. Rancor(Covert) Rank A/+ formations
  5. Sin(Impulse) Rank AA/+ formations
  6. Tyranny(Psycho) Rank AA/+ formations
  7. Rancor(Covert) Rank AA/+ formations
  8. Other notable formations
wonder which monsters you should run in your formation? Does the
variety available in Dark Summoner confuse you? Well look no further,
the kind community has done all the work for you and now I have
organized it in one easy to find place.
JessicaMD wrote:Welcome to the Transitional Formation Guide!

This is meant for total beginners who are looking to start building towards their very first A formation!
The following teams are designed with pricing in mind.
they aren't going to stand up against the standardized 'optimal' A
teams [Tier 1], but they are an excellent and affordable alternative to
most 'random' formations, and an excellent transitional platform since
some monsters in most of these formations are directly transferable to
the 'standard' A team [Tier 1]
larry378 wrote:Q&A:

Q: Aren't there better formations out there?
A: yes. the primary factor which went into designing these was affordability. A true optimized AA team will
wipe the floor with any of these following formations, but these
formation when appropriately leveled and skilled will be nigh impervious
to optimized A teams.

Q: If these are just el-cheapo formations, what's the point?
These formations are significant improvements to standard A teams and
have members which are transferable to 'true' optimized AA teams, which
allows for somewhat instant gratification in battle; rather than using
your A team until you fully assemble and max your 1.5k ep value 5xAA
team, you can use on of these right away once you have 2-3 AAs and have
an overall improvement in combat capability.

Tier 1.5

[size=12]CHEAP High end AA/A hybrid forms & Low end full AA forms

and others like them

As well as a directory of event types, (tower type, path type with collection, lab type with collection, mission item collection [drops of darkness/creature raise], dragonwall type, etc...) as well as some historical information. (A short blurb for each event with the reward monsters; e.g. Den of Woe; tower type; S/P/C prog ssk/gcb/cbk. participation Rot Cast/Hall Cast/Ass Cast. ranking luka/braize/rhea). I just jumped to the last page of general discussions and we have some pretty good documentation starting as early as phantom tower


Anyways, this should theoretically clear up the clutter and redundancy of the QA section; if not making answering questions much easier. i.e. linking to wikia rather than explaining how to use effectively use skill stacks or level AAs prior to evolution for the umpteenth time.

so; once again, I'm mainly asking for a headcount of potential collaborators rather than
folks who would simply be interested in having that as a resource.

NOTE: the pm system on the forum is on the fritz, incoming and outgoing messages are not always delivered.
For guaranteed communication just reply to the post or message me in-game. Thank You.

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Re: ds-forum wikia

Post by overseer07 on Fri Feb 01, 2013 2:09 pm

There's a well-maintained wikia over at http://darksummoner.wikia.com. They also link back to this forum, so it may be easier to just update that one rather than start from the ground up.



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Re: ds-forum wikia

Post by larry378 on Fri Feb 01, 2013 4:50 pm


cites skill reset at ~15ep
claims gold can be traded in AH
and says the name change item is worth 35ep


most recent event summon type cited is void summon... from mobius


most recent event description is the initial vl crash


max clan level 30...

I can't imagine it is that well maintained (as far as updating)

I am aware of this wikia. In fact I first found that wikia when I started playing DS and was looking for some information online. that wikia was not very helpful (admittedly the raid boss crystal locations were somewhat usefull when I was trying to get all the lower level raid bosses since they seemed valuable initially)... hence I made an account on this forum and started asking questions here.

The other thing is trying to change something with a preexisting structure is something I'd rather not deal with. As I said; all the information is on this forum. it just needs to be indexed and organized in a comprehensive way and we won't have different people asking the same question all the time.

Also if we make one, we can standardize and organize it in a way of our own choosing rather than trying to suddenly open a dialogue with whoever runs the wikia you mentioned and negotiate for changes etc...

i.e. a wikia with a white background and black text... rather than this whole dark background light text business with dozens of red links that go nowhere

NOTE: the pm system on the forum is on the fritz, incoming and outgoing messages are not always delivered.
For guaranteed communication just reply to the post or message me in-game. Thank You.

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Re: ds-forum wikia

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